About Animal Hospital 22 Group


7 veterinary clinics in Okinawa will protect your precious pets.


Animal Hospital 22 opens 7 veterinary brunchs, Toyosaki Brunch “NEO” (Beginning of New Hospital), Koza Brunch “ANEX” (Animal Needs EXpert), Nago Brunch “TRES” (Top RESque), Nishihara Brunch “REAF” (Rescue Every Animals Forever), Naha Brunch “NAHA” (New Animal Hospital Attempt), Naha Shintoshin Brunch “NOVEL” (Innovative Novel, New Novel, Unique Novel) and Chatan Medical Center (CMC). We are committed to give a high quality medical care to animals suffered from illness and injury all over the main island of Okinawa.

27 Veterinarian are Belonging to Animal Hospital 22 Group (September, 2017)

As we have numerous number of veterinarians, the professional medical knowledge and skill of each veterinarian could be shared among the other veterinarians. Therefore, our veterinarians have been able to manage to take care of a wide variety of animals and generated a synergistic effort on the medical care quality.

Providing Medical Care until 22pm

We respond to an emergency visit 24 hours a day. (Only at Chatan Medical Center). Toyosaki Clinic and Chatan Medical Center open until 10pm including Saturday and Sunday with considering the urgency of sudden illness of animals and the daily life environment of pet owners. Veterinarians and medical nurses at Chatan Medical Center are engaged with night duty, and this working arrangement made it possible to prepare the after hour emergency medical care 24 hours a day.
*Koza Clinic, Nago Clinic, Naha Clinic, Naha Shintoshin Clinic, Nishihara Clinic open until 20pm.

Dog Park

Dog run

Animal Hospital 22 Chatan Medical Center established a dog park that is approximately 13,520 square feet. The dog park is utilized in the rehabilitation of hospitalized dogs and also widely used for various events such as dog training, animal therapy activity and more purposes.